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in a perfect world in another time we wouldn’t need to justify everything we are

I stand for the power to change, I live for the perfect day.

Wicked Veggie
12 August 1980
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Are you ready to rant? Are you ready to hear some rants? That's what this journal is *allll* about. I used to actually write these thoughts down in a notebook, but now I've got Lappy and an lj account. Dangerous stuff at my finger tips...


* I've been told I am kind-hearted
* I love animals (way) more than people
* I live alone, and like it that way
* I love television and books
* I tend to become obsessive about things I really love, so if I latch onto something (i.e. Pushing Daisies) be prepared to hear me go on and on about it forever!
* Call me Kimber, Kimmi, Ber, or Berly, but NEVER Kim
* I LOVE to keep a flower and vegetable garden (in the summer)
* As a young child, my life's ambition was to be a veterinarian, and then a Mountie
* I have wicked crushes on Emily Deschanel, Michaela Conlin, Anna Friel, and Laura Harris *swoon*

Wanna visit me on Fanfiction.net? Okay ... but go at your own risk, and don't you dare bash my stuff ... IHeartHodgela's Fanfic Page

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