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Wicked Veggie
05 April 2007 @ 07:14 pm
Thanks to callieach for this one! Thought it looked fun, so...

Name your top six TV shows right now, before looking at the questions.

1) Bones
2) House
3) Crossing Jordan
4) Law & Order: SVU
5) Grey's Anatomy
6) Nip/Tuck

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Wicked Veggie
31 March 2007 @ 12:42 pm
As a somewhat side-note to my earlier post about ships, and which flags I shall sail...

... I feel that I need to add the couples that I'm currently "feeling" from Grey's Anatomy. Now, Grey's is *not* my show, and I am *not* obsessed with it. I feel it's a very well written program, with an awesome cast, crazy-great characters, and more ships than a sea can hold.

That said, as I ramble through the S1 and S2 DVDs (thanks aka_lanie), I find myself jumping ships almost with each disc.

So ... it all began with my viewing of late S2, in which I feverishly shipped long and hard for:

Izzie & Denny (Seriously, there could not *be* a cuter couple than these two)

Couple that with Callie & George ('cuz George is just the cutest, geekiest thing there is ... well, maybe he ties with Zack from Bones for that category... and you know that Callie could so kick his ass if she wanted to)

But then, as I went back and watched the season in order, found myself jumping on board for

1. Cristina & Burke (oh. my. gosh. After Cristina lost the baby, and went into her crying jag - and Burke climbed into bed with her and held her? Seriously, I came close to *melt*ing right there on my futon)

2. Alex & Izzie (okay, after he literally swept her off the stool at Joe's, how could I *not* ship for these two??). Though, where I'm at in S2, he's now being a major wanktard (thank you, Dr. Jack Hodgins for that beauty).

Now, although I haven't seen much of S3, I do know that George has recently shacked up with Izzie (what? I'll admit, before watching the show at all, I pondered the idea of the Dawson-Joey-best-friends-but-so-much-more coupling of these too. But that was *before* I met Callie and saw how incredibly cute she and George were together).

As well, I feel that I *should* mention that Meredith & Derek are kinda cute. And I was kinda feeling a bit of the Alex & Addison vibe at some point too. I'm not sure I like McDreamy much, but then again ... who I like/hate/am indifferent to changes with every damn episode I watch as well. I did feel extremely empathetic toward Meredith, when Derek went back with Addison, 'cuz the poor kid did nothing to deserve such a terrible heart-breaking. And I know this coupling pretty much takes centre stage to the show. But that said - I don't find them the most intriguing couple (though I suppose I could take up residence on their ship as well).

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Wicked Veggie
Oh. My. Goodness.


Okay, Fox .... THANK YOU to whoever wrote the awesome episode that aired last night. And THANK YOU to the Fox censors for keeping that scene in. And THANK YOU to Michaela Conlin and TJ Thyne for being so damn sexy and making that scene unbelievably hotter than hell.

Just .... THANK YOU!

Other points of what made the episode 2.17, "The Priest in the Churchyard" extremely awesome:

* TJ, TJ, TJ, TJ. Seriously, that man secretes sexy out of every pore. Especially when he's lovin' on Angela.

* Gordon Gordon. Okay, Stephen Fry needs to join the cast as a REGULAR, because he is downright hilarious, and spot on (well ...except for the lies he fed Brennan and Booth about why she didn't sail off into the sunset with Sully).

* The end scene, with Angela calling Gordon Gordon on his hogwash re: Booth and Brennan. YOU GO GIRL!

* Cam's comment, when she came upon Jack and Angela making out in the lab, "do I need to throw cold water on you two?" Are you suggesting a shower scene for TV's hottest couple? Oh yes, please do!

* Brennan and Booth's constant bickering about religion. (I'm with Brennan all the way on the topic, but did she *have* to keep pushing it, when it clearly upset Booth?).

* re: above topic. Brennan's constant questions for the priest(s) and the looks that Booth gave her for every one of them.


"Can't you just live with the fact that if I'm wrong about God I'll burn in Hell?" - Brennan
"That's tempting." - Booth (and the look Zack gives them both)

"I have my own place, Jack. I need my place." - Angela
"I need you." - Jack (ensue screaming from my end...)

"You want to be one with him?" - Dr. "Gordon Gordon" Wyatt
"In a strictly scientific sense!" - Brennan (yeah, *sure* Brennan. "Scientifically" *snort*)

"Dr Wyatt, we need you to do it with her." - Brennan re: Angela. (oh, sweet naive Brennan...)

In conclusion: I wish to ALSO thank Fox, the writers at Bones, and the ENTIRE cast (especially TJ and Michaela) for making me so freaking excitable and "high" that I could not get to sleep until some ungodly hour, because all I could think about was what I had just watched on TV.

Oh, and Crossing Jordan was on last night too, wasn't it? Yeah, kind of hard to focus after the hour of Bones, but ... interesting storyline. Nice to see that Meredith Monroe is slowly making her rounds of the dramas (CSI, Cold Case, Criminal Minds, BONES, and now CJ). Somebody give that girl a steady job already!

EDIT: Emily Deschanel? I think I love you... (as if that's not the coolest hoodie ever!)
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Wicked Veggie
24 March 2007 @ 10:39 pm
Found this meme on a friend's page, and thought I'd fill it out, because I love these type of "ooh ... fun, interesting, personal questions" things. You can fill it out in the comments, too, if you'd like... ('cuz I like to learn about other people as well...)

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Wicked Veggie
10 March 2007 @ 11:29 am
Okay, guys ... you know the drill! Answer the following Qs in the form of a reply, so can learn all about you *evil laugh*  Thanks to callieach for the original post...

And since I haven't updated in, *like* forEVER! ... here are some random thoughts for the day:

* Jack Hodgins is SO FREAKING CUTE when he smiles, laughs, talks, and does just about anything.

(in a singsong voice) *I know what's going to happen on Bones, I know what's going to happen on Bones!* Bad, bad girl - getting her hands dirty in the spoilerdom of Bones.

* I'm writing again! Yippee!!! It hasn't really been all that long since I've done something small, but now I'm inspired to do major things. I'm *so freaking happy* about it, too! And I've got my very first - OFFICIAL Bones fanfic written, proofed, and ready to post to fanfiction.net when my "probation" period is up! Four more hours...

* Crossing Jordan: Pssht! Was it necessary to move it to Wednesdays? Seriously? Like I don't already have ENOUGH to do and to watch on that day? All I can say is that TPTB at NBC are *damn luck* they didn't move it to 7 pm, cuz if I'd had to choose between taping Bones or taping CJ ... well, those of you who know me *know* which choice I'd have done with.

* re: the show I don't watch, and will forever deny watching is ... ready for it? ... Nip/Tuck. After having a run in with Mr. McMahon when he was in Winnipeg years ago, and learning he's a major JERKWAD, I'd never want to watch something he was in. But I have to admit, last year's storyline with The Carver was damn compelling...
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Wicked Veggie
13 February 2007 @ 08:44 pm
Got taggged by theevilpuppy

Each player of this game starts off with 10 weird things/habits/little known facts about yourself. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 10 weird habits/things/little known facts as well as state this rule clearly. At the end you need to choose 10 people to be tagged and list their names.

I'm not sure how to cut my text to look all funky, but I found this button here that does something that sounds like it could be that, so here goes...

Since I really don't know anybody other than theevilpuppy, I guess I can't quite tag anyone else ... but I'll tag theevilpuppyback...

Wicked Veggie
08 February 2007 @ 10:40 pm
Sit yourselves down for another rant. This one comes compliments of YouTube - who *used to* be my favourite people ever. Not so much anymore, and here is why:

They have taken my Bones! Well ... not *my* bones, but Bones clips ... from the show. Gone! Most likely at the urging of Fox, concerned because people were viewing clips from the shows THEY own and they were not making money off of it. Boo hoo.

This is so deja vu ... Buffy, circa ... 2000? Maybe later. I had a Buffy website up, and Fox (who owned Buffy at the time) decided they were not particulary happy with all of the FREE websites up devoted to their shows, where people could view videos, pictures, and other items related to television. So ... Fox decided that they were going to threaten everybody who ran a Buffy website with legal action - should the websites remain active. What?! I'm serious. There was a whole movement against this - called The Buffy Bringers, who wanted to tell Fox to piss off and mind their own business. Nobody was doing this for profit, it was just to share their love and admiration for a quality television program.

While nothing ever came of this, and many Buffy pages stayed up and running ... it seems that Fox is at it again! This time, they've gone too far ... taking my Bones clips. What's next - the fan vids that people have made themselves, featuring clips from the show? Or the interviews with cast and crew (they HAVE taken off any Fox-related interviews with the Bones cast...)

I, for one, was thoroughly enjoying YouTube and the fact that I could start watching a show part way into the second season, and still "catch up" on moments that had long since aired. As well, I got to see all of the interviews that the cast had done for the show. And my most favourite part? Getting to see the previews for the next episode to air. Since I'm in Canada, and our channel loves to "override" Fox, we don't get the "Next on Bones" previews at the end of each ep. That was where YouTube came in most handy .. I could always count on the clip being up within a day - just so I could get myself excited about what next Wednesday would bring.

Seems that this is no more. I know I probably shouldn't be blaming YouTube, since they were probably threatened with Fox's crack legal team - and felt they had to start "cleaning house", but ... honestly. What harm can it do? You can't save the clips, or view them anywhere but through YouTube. If anything ... Fox should shut their traps and be happy since YouTube probably introduced a fan or two to Bones and other programs.

And while I'm ranting ... what happened to the Garcia/Morgan hug from the preview for this week's Criminal Minds?? And who the hell is this new guy on Bones? He needs to go away ... maybe they should hook him up with Cam and the two of them can live happily ever after eating their damn sausage and pepper sandwiches on a boat somewhere far, far away.

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Wicked Veggie
05 February 2007 @ 07:19 pm

Since I can't figure out how to post pics in my responses, aka_lanie here is a shot of scary James Van der Beek from Criminal Minds last night ... all scruffy and evil...

And here's Meredith as Haley Hotchner. She's married to Aaron Hotchner, who's played by Thomas Gibson (yes, Greg from Dharma & Greg).

Anyway ... not really an entry...
Wicked Veggie
02 February 2007 @ 11:04 pm
This week's television viewing had some definitely high peaks, and some definite lows. Let's start at the beginning (with the low)...

Sunday brought along one of the best, most well-written episodes of Crossing Jordan ever produced in its 6 seasons on air. There have been few that have touched me as deeply as "33 Bullets" did.

My avitar marks a little tribute to
The Loss of Det Lu Simmons. Lu arrived as a new character to Crossing Jordan last season (I think) and I immediately hated her guts. She was a "know it all", and when she hooked up with Woody - grrrr - I was not a happy camper at all. When rumours surfaced that the writers would be "killing of a main character" on the show this season, I immediately thought "please, let it be Lu" because I really couldn't stand her. In the premiere this year, she made it her duty to have Jordan thrown in jail for a murder that she couldn't have committed.

But by the second episode of the new season, I had fallen for Lu. She seemed to be a totally different person - friendly, outgoing, and even a little naughty (Jordan-naughty). The friendship between her and Jordan seemed to be building, and it was good! They worked well together and it was nice to see Jordan with another female in the field.

BUT alas ... this past Sunday came, the third new episode, and of course ... Lu had to go. *Sniffle*. Tears have been shed for the episode, for the awesome acting done by Jill Hennessy, Leslie Bibb, and Jerry O'Connell. I cried when:

- Jordan was shouting at Lu to argue with her, dammit!
- Lu said, "I feel ... calm"
- Jordan, after trying unsuccessfully to keep Lu's heart going, whispered, "I'm sorry, hon"

I get a little misty just *thinking* about the episode right now ... it was amazing, and moving and ... sigh. Mustn't dwell...

A Lu Tribute:



On Wednesday, I was rewarded with the LONG AWAITED new Bones episode. But since I've recently started a continuing education course that had to be on Wednesdays ... I had to wait until Thursday night to watch the episode.

Still ... it was amazing too! Brennan's arch-enemy Howard Epps found his way out of prison, and was on the loose - making each of Brennan's close friends his personal targets. Poor Cam (and yes, I said "poor Cam". After losing Lu this week, I've decided to start enjoying Cam just in case the writers of Bones are chatting with the writers of CJ and get some ideas) ... with her inhaled plaster dust, and Angela with the heart, and AWWWW ... Hodgie saying "if Epps comes near Angela, I'll KILL HIM".

oh my word ... when Zach and Booth end up with the bomb planted in Caroline's ... shudder .... body, and the news report that follows the blast states that "Zach Addy died at the scene" ... oh my word (again) ... I nearly passed right out. After losing Lu, I couldn't believe that ANOTHER character was gone. Thankfully ... it turned out to be a story the FBI had planted, and Zach was okay (big sigh of relief). I really don't think my brain, or heart could have taken another television-related death.

So that was my excitement for the week ... television. I also had a new House to look forward to (with an unusually nice mix of sarcastic House and serious House) as well. Ah House ...

While I'm here, and on the topic ... I though I'd share some of my most favourite websites pertaining to these lovely shows ...

My most absolute favourite-check-it-daily one... *drumroll*

SEARCHING BONES - It's seriously your "one stop for all the most current Bones info". Lynn, who runs the site, has got picture galleries, cast information, character information, and the most prompt episode recaps I've ever seen! Kudos to you, Lynn!

Conlin Online - the only known fan site dedicated to the awesome actress, Michaela Conlin (Angela Montenegro on Bones)

I think that's about it. There's also Lynn's House Is Right website (same awesome up-to-date stories), and the Crossing Jordan Encyclopedia (a smaller site). Not to mention, the official sites for Bones, Crossing Jordan, and House are all pretty good.


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Wicked Veggie
20 January 2007 @ 12:21 pm
Okay ... is anybody else going through SBW? Severe Bones Withdrawl?

It seems like it's been FOREVER since a new episode aired, and I guess really it has been a while. The last episode would have aired in December, which was only one month ago - but it's still too long for me!

I only started watching Bones this season - back in the fall. I had read Kathy Reich's series in the summer, and absolutely fell in love with Temperance Brennan. I knew that there was a television program based on this character, and that one of my favourite actors - David Boreanaz (fell in love with him as Angel) - was on it. I didn't get around to catching the show until perhaps November of '06, though. I *think* the first episode that I saw was the Mother And Child in the Bay. I also remember seeing Two Bodies in the Lab next (a rerun, though I didn't know this at the time) and fell madly in love with the B&B Shipper movement.

When The Girl With the Curl aired - I was smitted with the budding relationship with Dr. Jack Hodgins and Angela Montenegro - and also a bit in love with both Michaela Conlin and TJ Thyne!

When Bones ended for the "seasonal break" - we were told that it would return January 24th, which - at the time - seemed like a really really long time away. Just a week ago, we learned that because American Idol *grumble grumble* was being given long time slots - us Bones fans would now have to wait an additional week - until January 31st.


So, since I know that a lot of other Bones fans are going through SBW ... I thought I would share some of the wonderful fan vids, and show promo spots that have been keeping me sane in these long, cold weeks without my Bones fix.

A new version of the "Solving Murders Takes Chemistry" promo - with updated scenes, and a hilarious bit from the newest ep entitled The Man in the Cell

Another new Promo that aired during last week's American Idol (though I wouldn't know, since I think the show is ridiculous, and am BOYCOTTING it on account of its pre empting Bones)

Some of my favourite fan vids: (*NOTE* None of these have been made by me)

Broken Road, by brookiez69 (a Hodgela vid)

Black Magic, by lcwales (a B&B vid)

Chemicals React, by noplacespecial (one of the very first Hodgela vids I saw)

Better, by bccalling (an awesome Hodgela vid!)

Over My Head, by snowflakeshona (the most current Hodgela vid)

And if you haven't yet seen the commercial of TJ THYNE singing Shania Twain ... please do check it out HERE

I hope these videos have helped you kill the time until the new Bones airs ... I know they've done a world of wonder for me!



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